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Beer mug

Evershine glassware’s products are carefully designed to make the perfect gift for someone or for you to enjoy a nice mug of beer. Whether you’re having your favorite ale or a root-beer, our glassware mug is sure to sustain for an extended time for you to enjoy. This ultra-durable glass mug is carefully made to undergo all kinds of sloshing that comes with kicking back, promoting thick base and walls, along with a handle equipped with a thumb rest.
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Beer mug

Serve your guests an ice-cold beer in our famously designed beer mug. Consisting of a short, dense form with a stylish and delicate design, this mug provides a polished look which the customers would surely love. While its capacity is perfect for serving some of your favorite beverages and draft beers, its crystal-clear lucidity professionally shows your bubbly brews to ensure an eye-catching presentation each and every time.

It’s brawny and easy to grip handle ensures effective transportation, and the thick, heavy duty walls provide complete durability, making it the perfect beer mug for high-end operations.

Whether you’re a bar owner or an avid beer lover, our mugs are made with quality glass ensuring a firm, durable look that will give you an edge over others.

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About Us

H efei Evershine Glassware Co., Ltd is a daily glassware supplier who specializes in design and production. Our products include glassware for home, restaurant and hotel, glassware for liquor, foodstuff and beverage, and glassware for promotional use. We can temper and decorate glassware by decal, printing, and sand-blasting. We own more than one thousand models of products.
In the future, we will produce first-class glassware with our professional manufacturing technique and mature quality control system. Our goal is to provide most possible benefit to the society and most possible benefit to our shareholders.

About Us

Leading Drinking Glass and Glassware Manufacturers and Beer Glass Suppliers

Evershine Glassware keeps a track record of being an ultimate supplier and manufacturer of glassware products from around the world. We are one of the leading glassware manufacturers catering to the demands and requirements of our customers who wish to get their glass products made as per the choices and demands.

Apart from not making customized glassware products, we have maintained and utilized a standard product for our customers and clients to purchase. Our products offer a remarkable assortment of the work we put in at Evershine Glassware. In regards to being as one of the most dignified glassware manufacturers, our presented product is widely used in an extensive range of industries and other departments.

At Evershine Glassware, we fabricate and manufacture these products using advanced technology and quality tested on different raw materials. Our beer glasses have been supplied to many countries and our customers have always given positive reviews about it. Having said that, we are one of the most notable beer glass suppliers supplying in many different countries all over the world.

Reasons To Choose Our Product

At Evershine Glassware, we take this opportunity to instigate ourselves as one of the leading drinking glass manufacturers and suppliers of glassware products which are supplied to different restaurants, bars, and liquor stores around the world.

Ever since the inception of this organization, we have been supplying glass products to some of our clients who have been satisfied with our products since the first purchase. We have the proven ability of manufacturing and producing any types of glasses within the demands and requirements set by our customers. Because of this fact, we have been the leading source of drinking glass manufacturers from around the world.

Our company is comprised of skilled workers along with an effective customer supporting staff. Our company not only has well-skilled glass makers, but we also have the resources and means for meeting the customer ends that are mostly managed by our qualified and experienced personnel in the field. Apart from manufacturing and making beer glasses and pitchers, we decorate and tamper these glasses through various processes by sand-blasting, decal, and printing.

Apart from all of this, we can customize your beer glasses and pitchers and make it as per your demands and requirements through our personalized glass-making system.

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